approach2approach1As husband and wife teams, we are able to capture your wedding day from two completely unique (male & female) perspectives. Each important moment of your day will be documented from many different, interesting and creative angles.

Rick and Scott will be capturing the camaraderie of the guys in their last few moments before you exchange your “I do’s.” They will be waiting at the front of the aisle, getting that must have shot of you walking down to meet your groom. Rick will also be the one who is tearing up during the father/daughter dance, fast forwarding in his mind to our own little girl’s big day.

Kim and I begin with the ladies, documenting every detail of you and your girls getting ready. While the guys are getting the ‘must have shot’ of you coming down the aisle, we know what we girls want to see…the look on your groom’s face when he sees you, his bride, for the first time. And the look on your parents’ faces as they watch you marry the man of your dreams.

Your wedding is so much more just than just an event. It is the story of two families becoming one. Your wedding photos are your first family heirloom. We are honored to be the ones to tell your story.