Hello! We are Rick and Stephanie, a husband and wife photography team! We create images that are genuine, images that evoke emotion and images that tell a story. Photography is not just our profession but our passion and we are blessed to get to take photos everyday. We would love to meet you and hear more about your big day! Until then, here is a little more about us:


We LOVE Jesus!
We LOVE getting to be Chloe and Noah’s mommy and daddy!
We LOVE each other and getting to work together everyday!
We LOVE the thrill of winning at Mario Kart 8!
We LOVE ice cold, Crisp Pear Red Bulls!
We LOVE drafting stud WRs over stud RBs in fantasy football!
We LOVE having sore legs and burning lungs after a great workout!
We LOVE pastel bowties at weddings!
We LOVE homemade chicken fettuccini alfredo (FATDF)!
We LOVE dipping that alfredo chicken in Frank’s Red Hot!
We LOVE finishing with a high step count on FitBit!
We LOVE family naps in the afternoon!
We LOVE simple white t-shirts!
We LOVE being trusted to document amazing moments in your lives!